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Accessible Information

Car Hire

If you need an adapted vehicle for wheelchair accessibility we hire ours from Wheelchair Vans of America. They have a range of adapted vehicles with either side loading ramps or rear loading ramps. Click on the link to take you to their website and their number is 01800 910 8267. Ask to speak to Jose LOPEZ-RODRIGUEZ and let him know that you came from us and they will offer you a 15% discount on your vehicle hire.

orlando villa adapted vehicle hire

Theme Parks

All theme parks are wheelchair friendly and some allow you and your party to go to the front of the queue. All parks have maps which show the disabled toilets and how they rate the accessibility on the rides. If you go to guest services they have park maps for the disabled guest with more details on.

I have yet to find any of the parks equipped with a hoist, there are not any toilets with changing beds but all of the parks (apart from Downtown Disney) have first aid rooms that have plenty of beds so you can lie down on if you need to.

Most shows in the parks have sections for wheelchairs and usually a companion seat, in most of the shows the spaces are at the front so you get the odd family sneaking in pretending they havent seen the wheelchair signs, just be firm and they do tend to move!!


Out and About

All of the Orlando attractions and restaurants we have visited have been suitable for wheelchairs and there has never been any question of not getting in anywhere. If you are booking a Dinner Show make sure reservations know there is a wheelchair in your party as there are limited wheelchair spaces.


And finally....

If anyone wants to share there experiencs for other travellers and has any handy tips then please email us on graingevillaflorida@hotmail.com or use the contact us page and we will put them on here for the benefit of others.



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