Katie's Villa
Charm Villa

Disabled Access

We understand there are people with extra needs and want to make your holiday in our villa enjoyable and stress free.  We provide lots of equipment for you so you dont have to worry about hiring equipment when you get here.  We have lots to offer free of charge for all types of needs.

All doors are accessible in the villa and wheelchair access is by ramps to the pool area form every door. These are the ramps leading into the living room, and the pool shower room/toilet from the pool deck to the house. 

Disabled equipment if required such as commode/shower chair portable hoist (You must provide your own sling),  pool hoist with interchangeable bed/chair bed side guards.

We have a portable hoist that can be used in any of the downstairs rooms. .  You will need to bring your own sling for the portable hoist.

The pool has an electric hoist with interchangeable chair or bed.  The electric pool hoist is easier to use than a lot of the manual pool hoists that you have to battle with the levers up and down to get them to lift.  The pool hoist can be used with the chair or with the bed attatchment. 

There is a commode/shower chair which can be used in any room or any of the wheel in showers.

One of the toilets has a grab rail to make it easier for those who need a little extra help. 

For those who need a little extra security in bed there are two bed rails. 

There is other equipment availalbe at Katies Villa and can be transfered to Charm Villa if needed. (subject to availability)


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